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We Will Take Care Of The Proucts You Purchase From Us

  • Evergreen Computer Technology Company provides a warranty ensuring that our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship when used by normal consumers, starting from the date of purchase.

  • Please note that this warranty is exclusively applicable to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to another party. In the event of defects, we offer repair services or replacement using either new or serviceable used parts, depending on the customer's preference, as long as they deliver equivalent performance.

  • It's important to understand that our warranty does not cover damages caused by accidents, misuse, abuse, natural disasters, personal disasters, or unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification of the product.

  • Products lacking the original warranty sticker will not qualify for warranty service.

  • Evergreen Computer Technology Company is not responsible for any damages incurred by the customer or any third party, including lost revenue, lost wages, or any other indirect damages resulting from the purchase, use, or inability to use this product.

RMA Policies: Store Policies
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